Dear Stranger,

My name is Marie Poncin, I was born the 18th of March 1997. I am originally from the north-east of France, precisely from a region called Champagne-Ardennes (Yes, it's where the fuzzy drink is made). I moved to America when I was 15, went to a boarding school in Tarrytown, Upstate NY. I’m currently a sophomore studying communication Design at Parsons The New School of Design, in New York City. I am always trying to improve myself. The last six years I have been trying to discover as much as I could about art, experience on things I was afraid of, new mediums, new challenges. I was always more attracted to digital art, advertising and photography, and I realized that it was also what I was better at, what I could spend time on. My work is mostly based on personal but also global issues which I am interested in giving an opinion upon. I believe everything around me sort of get translated in my artwork. Art allows me to spread my concepts and opinions with an approach I would not be able to get with words.