Art direction, UX/UI Design

Powered by AI, Comptabili automates routine tasks such as data entry and transaction categorization, enabling users to focus on strategic financial decisions rather than mundane record-keeping. No steep learning curve, only straightforward user interactions that make financial management accessible and hassle-free.

Taking on the challenge to transform the accounting experiences,the objective was to simplify the user journey from logging transactions to generating reports, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and error-free experience.

Building A to Z
Art Director

In the realm of accounting, design and AI to craft intelligent systems that simplify complexity, enhancing accuracy and user engagement.

Chat GPT, 2024.

Let's dive into it ?

Design decisions + Research
Naming and logo

Comptabili’s logo, characterized by its sleek and modern design, aims to encapsulate the essence of the software—smart, efficient, and user-centric. The name ‘Comptabili,’ a blend of ‘comptabilité’ (French for accounting) and ‘ability,’ reflects the mission to empower users with the capability to manage their finances effortlessly. This name tries to resonates with the core functionality of automating tasks through AI, making financial management accessible to everyone. The use of vibrant green in the logo aligns with the brand’s goals, where green symbolizes financial growth and ease of use.

Purple and green ?

I chose a purple and green color scheme to align with the software’s goals. Purple conveys sophistication, highlighting Comptabili’s smart automation features, while green symbolizes financial growth, reflecting the software’s aim to enhance financial management. These colors aim to make the interface engaging but also should guide users intuitively, with vibrant buttons and critical elements clearly standing out for ease of use.