Identity, Branding, UX UI Design
Art director
Part time 1/2 yr

Sole designer on an agile team comprised of 3 developers, board members and a quality engineer, I was responsible for determining the overall design direction and successful completion of the project while collaborating with the team.​

Tasks involved : Creation of a new visual identity and branding across platforms and medias, building of the Toosla V2 app, simplification of the process of reservation, implementation of new features and building of drive mode, locking and unlocking vehicles.

Brand Design V2

Branding, collaborating, building
Design philosophy

We recognized the need for a branding evolution that reflected the company's forward-thinking mindset but also its commitment to user-friendly digital solutions. We focused on merging simplicity with sophistication, to resonate with our contemporary audience.


Diving into the brand's core values and leading to the development of a design language that spoke to the heart of Toosla, we created a visual identity that was not only visually appealing but also functionally expansive.

Making driving easier

Getting it on the market
Visual Consistency

Implementing the rebranded design required a meticulous approach to ensure visual consistency. Every pixel, color, and typographic element was deliberately chosen to create a harmonious user interface that facilitated a seamless user experience.

Drive mode, 100% digital rental

The crowning feature of the Toosla app is its Drive Mode – an embodiment of the company's digital-first ethos. This mode enables users to access their rental vehicles with just a few taps, illustrating our commitment to a frictionless user journey.

Website + Web campaigns

Playing on discovery and luxury, without being snobbish.

Our approach was to create an inviting digital space that exuded luxury and innovation without alienating users. The design promotes discovery, guiding users through Toosla’s offerings with ease and sophistication. The campaigns are crafted to highlight Toosla's premium service while maintaining accessibility and warmth, ultimately driving user engagement and brand loyalty.

Driving Forward: Toosla's Transformation

Results + outcomes

The Toosla project reinforced how vital a user-centered approach is in design, especially when aligning with modern trends in tech. We navigated through challenges like infusing the app with a refreshed brand identity that speaks to users in a visually appealing and functionally expressive way. The result? A seamless, more engaging user experience that harmonizes sophistication with simplicity.