Paraphilias encyclopedia

Book design, Research

My half-year journey delved into the complexities of paraphilias. The result: a 92 pages visual encyclopedia that catalogues a wide spectrum of human desires, aiming to inform and educate rather than pass judgment.

The goal was clear—to shift perspectives and encourage understanding. 'Paraphilias' isn't just a book; it's an invitation to look beyond the labels and see the human element in our diverse expressions of love and desire.

App Revamp
UX/UI Designer
3 week sprint

“We are entering the age of the infinite examination and of compulsory objectification.”

Michel Foucault, “Discipline and Punish”, 1975

Why Why Why?

Design decisions + Research
Inspiration and realization

Drawing inspiration from the encyclopedias of yesteryears, I adopted a dense, text-heavy design spread across three columns. The bitmap images lend an air of the classical also permitting to show literally anything, while the content pulls out key information to guide the reader through the complex topics.

Choosing the color of understanding

The color orange was chosen for its warmth and neutrality—qualities that reflect the book's intent to offer a balanced perspective. It stands out on the shelf and in the mind, symbolizing a beacon of knowledge in a sea of misunderstanding.